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More Than Human - Theodore Sturgeon Sturgeon's law: "ninety percent of everything is crap."
That's as may be but More Than Human is definitely in the 10% non-crap segment.

I love good short novels, more than good long ones (nobody likes bad novels at any length). The way I see it the reader gets so much more from each percentage of the book. For the amount of time put into reading the book it just seems more profitable to me. YMMV of course, long books have their own advantages.

I first read "More Than Human" decades ago, I clearly remember liking it very much. However, thanks to my sieve-like memory I have forgotten practically all the details about the book. I vaguely remembered (somewhat incorrectly) that it has something to do with a mutant with some kind of psychic abilities. I was close, but undeserving of a cigar. The book is basically about *homo-gestalt*, a sort of hive mind with each member performing the role of a body part in a super-body. It is about much more than that of course. The themes include the importance of morality (or ethics), accountability, and compassion.

Sturgeon's prose is poetic, his style is more akin to Ray Bradbury than Asimov. That said, the book is not at all hard to follow, except for a chapter where events kind of move backward, which I found a little puzzling but it is totally clarified later on.

What amazes me is why Theodore Sturgeon is not more popular or well known today, most of his books are out of print. A single paragraph from this book is worth more than the entire Twilight trilogy put together.