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Perdido Street Station

Perdido Street Station - China MiƩville Oh Jabber! what a pugnacious book! (Sorry, a little in-joke for those who have already read this book.)

I normally prefer to read books that are around 400 pages long or shorter because I am too impatient to slog through long books. However, I do make the add exceptions for books that really interest me. The thing with long books for me is that they must be *immersive* because once I am immersed in the story the length of the book become irrelevant. Delving back into the book feels like coming home.

Such is the case with this book, it is very imaginative and the world the author created is quite vivid and amazing. Skipping the synopsis entirely (as is my wont) I would describe this book as part steampunk, part fantasy, part sf and all rather wonderful. My only complaint is the abrupt ending and what happened (or failed to happen) to two favorite characters (one male, one female, neither are human).

Update: The next New Crobuzon book The Scar is also brilliant!