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The Robots of Dawn - Isaac Asimov “I cannot say what I feel in any human sense, Partner Elijah. I can say, however, that the sight of you seems to make my thoughts flow more easily, and the gravitational pull on my body seems to assault my senses with lesser insistence."

Ahh.. good old R. Daneel Olivaw, how I have missed you.

It has been decades since I read anything by Isaac Asimov. When I started reading sci-fi in my teens Asimov was the go-to author for new readers. I was not quite ready for Heinlein or Clarke but Asimov’s The Foundation Trilogy the answer is given here.

In spite of my quibbles with some of the pacing I really enjoyed this book, and coming back to Asimov after all these years. Now I feel an urge to reread the original Foundation Trilogy plus the subsequent Foundation volumes from the 80s. Also a reread of the old Elijah Baley novels and robot short stories. With all that in my TBR I’d be lucky to squeeze in books by anybody else.