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And He Built a Crooked House

And He Built a Crooked House - Robert A. Heinlein One of my all-time favorite short stories. And He Built a Crooked House is about a house built in the shape of a tesseract:
When the architect of the house, the owner of the house and his wife go to have a look around they find that an earthquake from the previous day has caused parts of the house to be folded into the fourth dimension; leaving only one room visible and accessible. Unwisely they enter the house and major dimensional weirdness ensues.

The warping of space and dimensions remind me of M. C. Escher’s drawings, “Relativity” in particular:
image The story is humorous in tone and quite mind blowing. I cannot tell you any more without spoiling the story; I can, however, make a link to an awesome demo of this crooked house.

If you would like to read this story online just google the title, I am not sure what the copyright status of this (1941) story is so I won’t put in a link.