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Snow Crash

Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson I'm just updating this review I posted in 2011.

Since reading this book I have read two more Neal Stephenson novels namely [b:The Diamond Age|827|The Diamond Age|Neal Stephenson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320415915s/827.jpg|2181158] and [b:Anathem|2845024|Anathem|Neal Stephenson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1224107150s/2845024.jpg|6163095]. Of the three I think Snow Crash is the most fun book. It is not as deep or thought provoking as the other two (Anathem especially) but the most wildly entertaining. I can still remember the "the greatest pizza delivery scene in world literature" and YT's "harpooning" cars as if I was there.

The experience is like reading about being in VR while being in a sort of VR myself. To me a good book (novels specifically) is like virtual reality, being immersed in a book takes me away from wherever I am. The people or the environment I am in does not register, if I had anything cooking on the stove it would get burned, telephones and door bells go unanswered.

Snow Crash is one such book and I heartily recommend it to anyone who want to take a quick leave of their current reality.