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Old Man's War - John Scalzi Wow! that book flew by! Very immersive book with lots of cool tech, a sense of wonder, and a sense of humor (though some of the jokes fall flat for me). This is not a "comedy sf" book however, there is some pathos, sentimentality and romance also. Initially I though it was going to be a Starship Trooper ripoff, but it is much more than that (also reminds me of Ender's Game a little too). The best thing about this book for me is how ideas pile upon ideas and the main protagonist is worth rooting for (not a Mary Sue).

Edit Sept 24, 2013: Some books mature like fine wine and get better with rereads, a few become less likeable in retrospect. This is one of those few. There are some laughs in this book but the glaring juvenile humour just weakens the book. So a reduction of one star seems appropriate, I'd still recommend it as a good read though.