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The Well of Ascension

The Well of Ascension  - Brandon Sanderson While reading this book I often felt ambivalent about whether I should I read the next one in the series (The Hero of Ages) or not. At least it never occurred to me to stop reading this book before it ends. The problem I have with this book is to do with characterization of the two main protagonists namely Vin and Elend. For a large portion of the book they come across as rather dull and uninteresting people, and they spend far too much time moping around wondering about their romance. For an uber-mistborn Vin seems rather lacking in confidence and self esteem, a poor judge of character and indecisive. However, they never actually become unlikable and they do manage to pull themselves together and kick ass near the end of the book.

The detailed politicking in this book does not really bother me, these scenes are not terribly exciting but some of the issues covered are quite interesting. The pace of the book is a little uneven and I feel it could have been tightened by a hundred pages or two. Some of the plot points and outcomes are predictable but all is forgiven by the end of the book as the author manages to pull the rug from under me with a twist out of left field. In spite of several flaws this is an ingenious series, well worth the time investment.

So back to there question of whether I will read the final book. Yes, I bloody will! Try and stop me! :D