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'Salem's Lot

'Salem's Lot - Stephen King Before Stephenie Meyer single-handedly ruined this horror sub-genre for me vampires were cool.

'Salem's Lot holds the double honor of being my favorite vampire novel and my favorite Stephen King novel. King has written more excellent, complex, and lengthy novels since but 'Salem's Lot is the most memorable for me. What I love the most about this novel is the vividness of it, the characters, atmosphere, the sense of dread. One particular scene sent shivers down my spine, just a little scene where King describes the sound of vampire boy Danny Glick drinking blood and snickering. I remember a clear picture of that scene suddenly popping into my mind and feeling totally creeped out. This is one of the many memorable scenes in the book which are much less effective in the TV adaptations.

As far as I am concerned this is Stephen King's scariest book. It would have scared the willies off Bram Stoker had he been around to read it!