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Swan Song - Robert R. McCammon When I came across this book and read the synopsis I wondered if it was a rip off of Stephen King's epic The Stand. However, I gave McCammon the benefit of the doubt and bought the book any way because I like his previous novels. Best decision ever! This book is just terrific entertainment. While the post-apocalyptic theme and the basic plot are similar to The Stand I actually like Swan Song better. It feels less bloated and better paced. Also, I normally don't like keeping track of several different groups of characters because I tend to forget who is who and what they are up to. However, with this book the multi- plot stands structure is very well done and all the wll developed characters are doing something interesting. Best of all, the book has a very satisfying epic ending. So if you like The Stand, or even if you don't, read this book!

(As of today this has the highest average rating by Goodreads members on my Top 20 shelf).