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Wool - Hugh Howey I just reviewed the Wool Omnibus of which this novella is the first part, so I thought I'd leave the section of that review that deals with this novella here.

Wool is set (I believe) in the near future, the year in relation to our calendar is not indicated but there is no weird far future tech to speak of and people’s names are the same as the common names today (Peter, Bernard etc.). The post-apocalypse and dystopian subgenre of sf is often mixed up by online list makers but the world of the Silo series is clearly both. After an apocalypse (unexplained in this book), humans live in a dystopian society, sealed in subterranean silos, under the control of a shadowy authoritarian government. The open air in the world outside is poisonous and the world is inhabitable, except inside the silos’ sealed environment.

I imagine most struggling self published authors would like to follow the trail blazed by Hugh Howey. He hit the ground running with the novella [b:Wool|12287209|Wool (Wool, #1)|Hugh Howey|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327889474s/12287209.jpg|17263666] which is now available as a free e-book. I can highly recommend this without reservation as it is free and very good. It is also very astute marketing as most people who read it are likely to want to know what happen next, even though it is not have a cliffhanger ending as such. I think as a standalone short story (or novella) novella [b:Wool|12287209|Wool (Wool, #1)|Hugh Howey|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327889474s/12287209.jpg|17263666] works very well, the surprise at the end is just the sort of thing people love in short stories.